Winongo-Opak-Opak-Oyo with Ra

26 Aug

his hair

we are

the first photo is his hair. it was a hot afternoon and we sat by the meeting point of Winongo and Opak, close to Parangtritis. he`s so in love with the rivers then he often takes me to the rivers. we usually only sitting on the stone, commenting the rapids and the views surround it. talking, smoking, and kissing (if its possible why not). while i`m taking photographs, he will explore the rivers and i usually put him in my frame, secretly.

the second photo is our shadow. it was a morning at the meeting point of Opak and Oyo, around Imogiri. after some cigarettes and finished our breakfast, we talked to a farmer who gave us information, that the episentrum of Jogja earthquake 2006 was there and he showed us some part of the ground that vanished because of the quake. the area has became a tourist spot nowadays. people (fortunately not too much), keep coming–whether to enjoy the beauty of nature or to listen to the sound ‘jlung jlung jlung!’ from the river. my boyfriend and the farmer said, it is because of the crack of the stones which created very dangerous caves in the depth of the river. people around the area believe that the caves is connected directly to the Hindia Ocean. so when somebody lost there, his/her corpse will be found at the ocean–but not, if the corpse is hooked at one of the stone.

ps. i love you.


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