beautiful but not: hometown

26 Aug

oil city #1

oil city #2

oil city #3

oil city. i went back there again last February, after my graduation ceremony. i recorded it as an awful journey since 2009. the more i make a distance with the city, the more i am sure that, spent 17 years of growing up there doesn`t mean that i can love the city so deep (except for the food).

city, i`ve been trying so hard to love you but i failed. it isn`t your fault that you became a robot and your social life makes me sick over and over again. i am sure you don`t want to know that i could write kishy poems only, because i am sure you are busy with those material people (well. city, 17 years were more than enough for me to observe your people`s behavior).

last but not least, you don`t need to understand also, that i was so glad when the airplane took me back to java, in a morning.

all photographs are my experiment with the colored glass. i shot the buildings outside from inside a mall (Balikpapan Center).


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