1st homemade scarf for the cave man

27 Aug




i have an interest on knitting since too long ago (probably high school, when i saw the comic`s character knits). year by year pass, i didn`t have enough time to do it yet. i did some little cross stitching but it didn`t feel as good as knitting.

the story began when i finally see one of my bestie egain. she`s still in her divorce process, taking care of this and that. we talked and talked and talked until she said that she`s knitting now. there, i beg her to teach me how.

so a couple weeks later, i went to her house for her little boy`s birthday party. she taught me how to knit. she let me take one yarn and a pair of needle, back home. that moment, i failed and failed. i think i couldn`t knit myself without a teacher beside me, yet, beside i was still busy with my traveling and other activities. so the yarn and the needle are stuck in my old room (probably until now, since i left it without any memo)

then i started again. this time with a more flexible time and space. i was always doubt whether i did it right or wrong until i met my bestie again and consulted my creativity. she said i`m already in the right path, so go on.

oh. so happy to know that.

after about five trials and errors, there i go. i started to knit nine lines for scarf, carefully. in the end, it was still fucked up because i went from nine to eleven and then thirteen until it finished. but it doesn`t matter lah, because it`s my very first time (not bad for a beginner, my bestie said).

i completed it in three sleepless night. i was about to give it to my boyfriend (Ra)  then i changed my mind: i wanted to give it to my bestie, but then i changed my mind again. i gave it to an Ambonese i and Ra met at Goa Langse (Langse Cave), Gunungkidul–still close to Parangtritis. This is him:

the cave man

(there will be a special post about Goa Langse and this guy)

i found knitting is totally good for my mental health. it helps me a lot to calm down after what i`ve been through. it helps my mind to recover itself and put things in the right place–before, i was displace at most of the time. it helps me gaining my spirit of life back, step by step. it maybe slow, but it seems like i don`t need another acceleration in my life. it helps me to remember good things and smile, because when i remember the bad things or any trauma, i would loss the right path i`ve been building.

i`m doing my second yarn construction at the moment. this time a tiny scarf–only five lines, for my bestie. i`m imagining that it`ll be able to be mixed with her office dress or to be her belt since she doesn`t own any belt.

when i`m tired of knit, i sometimes look at the yarn and the needle and hope that Ra wouldn`t distract my philosophical focus on them. slowly and i hope for sure, i learned that knitting is another way of philosophy. with it, i may say goodbye to the thick philosophy books and suggest myself more and more and life is about knitting the experiences, trials, errors, and journeys.


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