sorry seems to be the hardest word

28 Aug

manjali dan cakrabirawa

for someone who admires Saman and Larung then enjoy reading Bilangan Fu, i am now feel very sad bot h disappointed to this sequel of Bilangan Fu, Manjali dan Cakrabirawa.

from the title, i was thinking the story will be awesome because for me, it sounds so powerful and sexy (i like those kind of names). but when i read the first chapter, oh la la, i know i am not going to give this book many stars.

personally, i am disappointed because Ayu totally destroyed Marja`s character which i found really good and tough in Bilangan Fu. how could she became such an annoying pampered teenager. the next part of the book which made me frown is when Ayu wrote, “Gerwani sepayung dengan PKI”. i think it`s totally a mistake because Gerwani was more like “satu haluan” with PKI.

in Bilangan Fu, i found that she was quite success with her spiritualism whatever construction then i`m lost in the sequel. i don`t know where this novel will take me–whether because i read some good books previously, or quoting my best friend that the issues are familiar to us, or whatever.

as an adventure story, this isn`t feel so much like that. Donal Bebek is more adventurous. i`m so much bothered about the portion. the adventures to the temples or cliffs or forest and so on are so little. but she gave so much space for Marja to explore and express her feeling–love or lust, i don`t know, til i think that MAYBE, Marja is her alterego.

compared to Saman, Larung, and Bilangan Fu, Manjali and Cakrabirawa is SO FLAT. the characters are shallow and even as a pop novel, lighter story, it is failed. again, i am sorry to be cynical, but the novel feels a little bit too much and what, lebay?

my best friend pushed me to read this novel. i don`t know because i`m going to travel to some archaeological sites in East Java or to share her pain because this novel. but yeah, i still believe that there is still a goodness in every annoying stuff. at least, i foundreferences of places in East Java like Belahan Temple and some others that i haven`t write on my note yet.

i used to admire Ayu Utami but i have to say a big sorry, this is the worst book with a worst ending i ever read for the last one year.


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