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amazingly mi ongklok

28 Aug

tempe kemul

mi ongklok

sate sapi


what so nice about a journey?

me and Ra agree about this: food. four letters that always complete everything, wherever we are, whatever the food is.

back to a couple months ago, we went to Wonosobo to check the house and paid the PDAM bill. we agreed, before we went back to Jogja, we would find mi ongklok to fulfill my lust to the sticky noodle. i told him that i saw a mi ongklok restaurant near an intersection of the town when i was on my way there. he was ok, since he also loves food.

there we go. waited for the rain to stop but it didn`t stop, we decided to leave for Jogja with raincoat. near the intersection, we stopped at Warung Mi Ongklok Pak Muhadi. since the first time, i already sensed that the warung is good (god blessed me with this special ability).

we ordered complete mi ongklok, with sate sapi. while waiting, Ra and  i enjoyed tempe kemul (fried tempe in flour and sliced green onion) and another snack made from cassava with a glass of hot tea and coffee. damn good, man.

after about fifteen minutes, the waiter came to us with two heavenly bowl of mi ongklok and two bowls of sate sapi.

for years, mi ongklok is known as the popular food of wonosobo. it contains sticky half cooked-noodles, sliced green onions and lettuce (we can put chili also if we desired), then it is poured with very soft peanut sauce and little fried onion to enrich the taste. last but not least, it is fuckin good to be eaten with ten sticks of sate sapi, in a rainy day!

while waiting for the rain to stop, Ra shared a story of his childhood about a joke of mi ongklok. the adults built a mythology that said that too much sticky noodle could damage their colon–its more because the parents couldn`t spend all of their money for the super delicious mi ongklok. i don`t even mind to eat five bowls of it as long as my tummy doesn`t mind.

just a few days ago, a friend of mine from Banyumas told me about where i can try mi ongklok beside Pak Muhadi. she said there is an Ongklok Restaurant near Bank BNI in the town. that night, i promised myself to go there as soon as possible for the noodle. i don`t know where i can find it in Jogja and even if i find one, i`m not sure that the taste will be original.

the sky was getting darker. we had to continue the journey. sadly, i paid the bill. it costed about Rp.32.000 (worth it!) and a couple minutes later, we we`re back on the motorbike, made our way back to Jogja. understand my passion of food, he held my hand and said,

“yes dear, we’re going to be back again.”

no doubt. because mi ongklok is one must item in my life.