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super happy for this collaborative work

8 Sep

for the last five days, i and Ra did decoration on blank bamboo whirligig from a friend whom run some kind of crafts business. he gave us fifty. we took it. first thought, it`s kind of easy work. but then, it`s completely not (or maybe it is just me who take it so serious).

we decorated the whirligig with aboriginal pattern which really took time and asked an extra patient from both of us to make the dots. it wasn`t really good, because in the same time, i had my period (which turned my emotion upside down). and my bestie`s little boy … oh … he`s in the age of supernaughty period. luckily, Ra could handle him. well, he knows it better because they are boys, eh?

but after five days, the work was finally done. done! we`re quite satisfied with what we did and got an idea to do the same thing on different media like glass or bottle. hopefully we`ll have enough money to buy the materials after lebaran. below are some selected pictures of our works:

the waves

this is one of my favorite pattern. Ra did the basic outline and i did the dots. i love the way i and he work together. kinda cute.

Ra's favorite snake

my design

i realized, very much that we have extreme difference. he can draw or paint so mature while i can`t, at all. i`d love to draw/paint some mature images (i want it so much) but really, i always failed. i would always end up with childish images, painting, whatever, even lines. yea, i can`t draw a straight line. by compare the two pictures above, i don`t need to explain more, eh?

one of our most favorite

yes. this dragonfly is one of our most favorite images. Ra made the outline then i did the dots. we agreed, that the dragonfly is good! well, if he didn`t say that, i didn`t mind to scratch him.

mine besides Ra`s

i`m sure anyone know which one is my work and which one is Ra`s. it maybe fugly but at least he said it`s good, it`s deep. when i asked him to help with it, he didn`t want to. he said, do it yourself because your design is very personal. ouch, he understood. he`s right. it`s personal. i put myself in that poor little girl with gray feet and eye. to make the whirligig story a little bit happy, let`s just say that she wants the bottles on that another whirligig. those bottles are designed by Ra and i put a title on them: poisonous bottles (hm, maybe i miss alcohol a little bit).


i`m so tired. i couldn`t sleep when they`re still blank. if i slept, i would dream of them. and yesterday i felt so calm after finishing them (alone. Ra didn`t come to help because it was raining all day. fucked up weather).

fifty whirligig are ready to be sold. hopefully our friend will like it and also his buyers. i don`t mind to decorate another crafts, er… :p

last but not least, the work was great. i love the way i and Ra work together. it was always fun. no tension. so sweet when we could laugh at each other when our dots were broken. the designs we made are inspiring. i listened to the colorful dots along the work. they told me about beauty in simplicity, and sincerity. hee…

photographs by samaya


the macrolust finished her 3rd homemade scarf for Ra

30 Aug

the hum and the scarf

made with love


i thought my first home making would be for Ra but it didn`t. this one is for him. i made it in his favorite colors, black and red. there`s nine lines, just like the number of his birth day.

i couldn`t give him the scarf last night because he went home earlier so i got more time to put some details in his scarf and used myself to be the model then play with my macrolust a little bit (gah. i love the yarn`s detail). this isn`t only a present for you, Ra. i hope you`re not gonna masuk angin too often anymore by wearing this scarf. partner you

2nd homemade scarf with pom-pom

29 Aug



my second experiment. love the thin yarn a lot. i finished it this afternoon and already gave it to my bestie. she wears it as a belt. and oh, i added some cute white details, pom-pom :p

here it is



photographs by samaya

1st homemade scarf for the cave man

27 Aug




i have an interest on knitting since too long ago (probably high school, when i saw the comic`s character knits). year by year pass, i didn`t have enough time to do it yet. i did some little cross stitching but it didn`t feel as good as knitting.

the story began when i finally see one of my bestie egain. she`s still in her divorce process, taking care of this and that. we talked and talked and talked until she said that she`s knitting now. there, i beg her to teach me how.

so a couple weeks later, i went to her house for her little boy`s birthday party. she taught me how to knit. she let me take one yarn and a pair of needle, back home. that moment, i failed and failed. i think i couldn`t knit myself without a teacher beside me, yet, beside i was still busy with my traveling and other activities. so the yarn and the needle are stuck in my old room (probably until now, since i left it without any memo)

then i started again. this time with a more flexible time and space. i was always doubt whether i did it right or wrong until i met my bestie again and consulted my creativity. she said i`m already in the right path, so go on.

oh. so happy to know that.

after about five trials and errors, there i go. i started to knit nine lines for scarf, carefully. in the end, it was still fucked up because i went from nine to eleven and then thirteen until it finished. but it doesn`t matter lah, because it`s my very first time (not bad for a beginner, my bestie said).

i completed it in three sleepless night. i was about to give it to my boyfriend (Ra)  then i changed my mind: i wanted to give it to my bestie, but then i changed my mind again. i gave it to an Ambonese i and Ra met at Goa Langse (Langse Cave), Gunungkidul–still close to Parangtritis. This is him:

the cave man

(there will be a special post about Goa Langse and this guy)

i found knitting is totally good for my mental health. it helps me a lot to calm down after what i`ve been through. it helps my mind to recover itself and put things in the right place–before, i was displace at most of the time. it helps me gaining my spirit of life back, step by step. it maybe slow, but it seems like i don`t need another acceleration in my life. it helps me to remember good things and smile, because when i remember the bad things or any trauma, i would loss the right path i`ve been building.

i`m doing my second yarn construction at the moment. this time a tiny scarf–only five lines, for my bestie. i`m imagining that it`ll be able to be mixed with her office dress or to be her belt since she doesn`t own any belt.

when i`m tired of knit, i sometimes look at the yarn and the needle and hope that Ra wouldn`t distract my philosophical focus on them. slowly and i hope for sure, i learned that knitting is another way of philosophy. with it, i may say goodbye to the thick philosophy books and suggest myself more and more and life is about knitting the experiences, trials, errors, and journeys.